HB-Surfkite has developed a specific wax for Strapless kitesurfking!

Innovation is at the heart of our R & D policy to offer ever more efficient and specialized products in your practice.

Wax frequent users have noticed that traditional wax are not really easy to use for strapless purpose for  several reasons:

– Our board are less immerse under water and more subject to the air temperature.

– We spend a lot more time standing on our board compare while paddle surfing.

Our range of wax was designed by taking these two elements into account. New benchmarks for choosing the perfect wax depending on the season take into account the water temperature but also the temperature of the air!

Depending on your support and the desired type of finish, you can choose a sticky feeling (surf type) or extra sticky (freestyle type).

Our wax is 100% natural and produced in France.

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