Our DECADE is a reference in high-performance all-terrain hybrid boards. It combines the best of our ANTI range in Freestyle and of our LAFAYETTE range in Surf.

Its BIAX TECH version offers an improved lightness, as well as flex and responsive features like never before.
The shape of our DECADE is then greatly enhanced thanks to our unique BIAX technology.

This shortboard features straightened rail line with a modern wide point location. The tail is relatively wide for more control while jumping, the thruster option transcends surfing performance.
The Decade is intended for riders who want to keep a nose but definitely ride a modern surfing bomb, that is full of speed, control and maneuverability.


The BIAX bamboo technology allows you to get to a new level, After several years of research and prototypes tested throughout the world by the international team, the BIAX construction, along with the Paulownia parabolic wooden rails, gives an exceptional structure to the board.

It is 15 % lighter than our classic construction, who already was the lighest on the market !

Furthermore, it also grants amazing responsive and flex features while keeping the durability every HB boards have, known to be the most durable on the market !


The particularity with BIAX is to use bamboo at 45° under the hull, whereas in most cases, it is aligned.

The main reason is located on the board’s FLEX. It is the key element on which we have been working because it is the main feature that lets you have a performing and enjoyable board to ride.
We also call it the rebound effect, the one which allows you to be explosive in your navigation, whether it is in pop to jump, or in a board’s bottom turn boost.

Balance wasn’t easy to find, between the bamboo blades, its application on the top or the bottom, or both… our numerous tests led to this excellent balance.


The notion of twisting is also taken into account.

The second reason concerns the board’s WEIGHT. Don’t believe the resellers who assure you that weight is synonomous with quality, they just can’t do it ! A board’s lightness means performance and fluidity, the holy grail when it comes to riding.

The third reason that led to into developing this unique technology is COMFORT.
Having a Formula 1 that is out of control or difficult to access has no point, the BIAX construction offers a fluid and precise feel which gives you a progression tool like no other !

It is a genuine revolution for HB Surf to be the creator of a lighter and more solid construction than our exclusive previous construction which already was one of the most accomplished in the kitesurfing world.

Seeing as this revolution will stay relevant for a long time, the aestheticism of the latter stayed minimalist. Our Lafayette 5’8 and 5’10 both having this technology, simply display a touch of color on the tail. The bamboo’s orientation of 45 % under the hull indicates this revolutionary construction.

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