A pure surf shape for kite surfing, the board you need to be versatile for travel.
Its ideally distributed volume and excellent glide allow you to ride with a smaller kite with bold transitions and low speed landings.
Its stability makes it easy to ride without strap.
A board for every condition.


Key features

A pure surf shape

Rails Balsa Paraboliques

Squash tail



Size : 6’1″-18 1/2″-2 1/4″

Weight : 3kg

Volume : 27,2L

Technical feature :

We are the first Kitesurf brand using Basla parabolique rails! The specific construction and choice of balsa for the rail material is vital to our enhanced flex characteristics and performance. Running the length of the surfboard perimeter, it creates an incredibly lightweight and durable structure and a great buffer for rail bashes when kiting. The balsa ensures a smooth degree and rate of flex which is controlled to maximize performance. Furthermore, the long-term flex memory supplied by the balsa rails ensures boards maintain their lively feel for longer.


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