Every HB Kitesurf board comes without insert
because they are designed and build to ride strapless.

Our graphics are smooth, using transparency to show our our high end technology. Black colour on bottom is the brand recognition sign, deck colour corresponds to model. Red for Lafayette and blue for Bonaparte.

We are the first Kitesurf brand using Basla parabolique rails! The specific construction and choice of balsa for the rail material is vital to our enhanced flex characteristics and performance. Running the length of the surfboard perimeter, it creates an incredibly lightweight and durable structure and a great buffer for rail bashes when kiting. The balsa ensures a smooth degree and rate of flex which is controlled to maximize performance. Furthermore, the long-term flex memory supplied by the balsa rails ensures boards maintain their lively feel for longer.

Our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam core is an essential part of HB-Surfkite high performance board. Our core allows for rapid direction changes and overall responsiveness during rail–to–rail turns.
As one of our boards encounters chop, the bottom can morph subtly to absorb that chop rather than ping-ponging off waves like some other epoxy boards tend to.

The swallow tail provides more control in critical maneuvers, as well as at the beginning and end of each turn. When the board is flat on the water, it offers almost the same surface area as a squash tail and almost all its qualities in terms of speed and lift. When on the rail or on bottom turns, thanks to its central cut tail it penetrates the water easily.

Double swallow is a unique and pioneering concept that allows to push the limits with the ultimate control of the board in both directions! The swallow nose significantly reduces swing weight while still providing a central point of control. It is specially shape not to plunge. The swallow tail provides more control in critical maneuvers, as well as at the beginning and end of each turn.

Fiberglass is ten-times stronger than the epoxy resin that is used to hold it in place. Because it’s combined in a composite sandwich, it is capable of handling much larger inertia loads. Same material. Superior results. We use epoxy as a «glue» to bond components such as EPS foam, fiberglass and bamboo together, so our boards are stronger.

By using two layers of fiberglass and separating them with a thin layer of bamboo, we are able to allow load on the outer fiberglass to be distributed through the bamboo so a much larger area of internal fiberglass can contribute to bearing the stress. This is why our boards can be both lighter AND stronger.

The Swallow-Diamond is again a specific shape developed exclusively for strapless riding. It aims to increase control, pop and stability of the board. The wide Diamond nose catches wind and helps the board to stick your feet during tricks. The narrower swallow tail allows fast transition while surfing. A huge work was done on the bottom of the board featuring 2 channels under the nose aera to optimize stability and acceleration.

CARBON Reinforcements (Régence only).
A carbon strip bottom helps to concentrate flex at the tail and strengthen against breaking.

PU / POLYESTER (Régence only).
Ancestral in the surfing world, this construction is well known and recognized. It offers the best feeling and flex pattern.

WARNING : Given the nature of the sport and manufacture high-end product (custom hand made surf), non-structural problems related to product finishing are excluded from the warranty. The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects that appear in the first few hours of use. In any case the warranty will not be valid for misuse or uses outside the normal conditions of use. Not exhaustive examples: impact, shock with the bar or the harness loop, fading colours by prolonged exposure to the sun…

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